Swiss Watches: How to Choose Tag Heuer Carrera and Monaco Watches

Among all kinds of Swiss watches brands, which one is your favorite? Is it the top-luxury brand of Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet? Or the world-famous brands of rolex swiss replica and Panerai? Or other else? If you have no choice which one to buy, I will recommend the Tag Heuer for you. And here will introduce two classic Tag Heuer replica watches for you too, which are relatively belonging to the Monaco series and Carrera series.

TAG Heuer CAW2111.FC6183

TAG Heuer CAW2111.FC6183, inspired and designed upon the car race, explained the legend watch that you can see on the Steve McQueen’s movie. Being different from the classic blue dial watches, this TAG Heuer CAW2111.FC6183 is fitted with a highly-effective shock absorber system that could prevent the watch from shock and other collision so as to reduce the damage to TAG Heuer CAW2111.FC6183. At 12 o’clock, there is a big and graceful ‘24’ which is in commemoration of Le Mans race that lasts for 24 hours.

Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2115.BA0724

The AISL steel is applied to make the case of this new Carrera, and it has a tachymeter on the bezel made of ceramic. The dial chooses black, a deep color on which the radiation patterns will be seen on it. The fashion H-shaped bracelet makes it look more fashion. In the three counters, they are employed to display, separately, second hand, chronograph and hour. At 3 o’clock, there is a date aperture and it reaches 100 meters in terms of its water-resistance. Carrera 1887 is the novelist type among so many tag Heuer watches. It is fitted with a Carrera home-made Cal.1887 movement which has balance gears that is called the heart of chronograph watches. Tag Heuer offers various choices on the color and materials, which makes it the largest branch among other Tag Heuer watches.

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Rolex Watches: Know about the Polishing Price

replica rolex daytona
replica rolex daytona

Polishing watch must need a fee, especially those watches of tens of thousands of Yuan, whose maintenance cost is high. According to different watch brand quality, unpick and wash fee also vary much, according to the provisions of the watch industry association, for those watches of tens of thousands of Yuan, in addition to the unpick and wash fee, it also cost also one over one thousand of the inspection fee according to the grade price of the watch. So the price of the watch polishing is associated with the price of your watch.

The elaboration of the polishing art shows eternity. In the international market, an ordinary Rolex watch price ranges from $1,000 to $15,000, although the price does not poor, people still think that content is worth somewhat, it is not only due to the excellent quality of the Rolex watch and because it has a unique investment value. The anti-fall ability of the Rolex antique watch is every strong. On an auction held in Geneva in 2002, a Rolex perpetual calendar watch once worn by the emperor of the last reign of Vietnam dynasty in 1952 was competed to342,000 Swiss francs ($235,400) at the time in Geneva auction, more than 2 million RMB. Such a high value, who is willing to let it be scratched a little, even just a little!

If your Rolex watch have a scratch, you can choose to have your watch for polishing. Rolex polishing refers to make your Rolex metal oxide on the surface grind off for a layer. Single polishing is unimportant, and the problem is the equipment quality and the level of the operator. If it cannot meet the requirements then it will harm the watch. Because watch polishing have very high technical parameter requirements, so polishing watch is a very fine work, and professional cleaning (polishing) usually needs a long time to complete.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot Chukker Bang Limited Watches

Hublot as one of the Swiss watch brands was born in the year of 1980, and it is the watchmaker for the fusion of precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Hublot brand took a revolution with unique aesthetic concept in the clock and watch industry. How about the ranking of the Hublot watch? As a top Swiss watch brand, the strength of strong of the Hublot watch is no doubt, and below we will feel its uniqueness of the Hublot Chukker Bang Limited Watch in 2014.

Hublot Chukker Bang Limited Watch

Hublot Big Bang is a famous watch collection as the replica rolex daytona watches from Rolex brand. Hublot 44mm carbon fiber watch case for the first time matched with the black ceramic bezel, aiming at creating sport watches featuring light weight and comfortable wear. What is unique about this Hublot wrist watch is its watch bezel added with titanium metal guardrails, fit closely with the watch bezel in order to protect the sapphire crystal mirror surface, whose design inspiration is from the horse club and polo, the wearer can also remove the guardrails at any time. At 5 o ‘clock direction there engraved with the word of the “Tang Polo”, and the small second hand at 3 o ‘clock position is decorated with Tang dynasty Polo equestrian club logo to commemorate the strategic cooperation with Tang dynasty Polo equestrian club. Hublot Chukker Bang Limited Watch is carrying with the polo flying back timing automatic timing movement, and the difference from others are the 7 minute 30 seconds timer and polo match round (Chukka) time echoing, and the small timer pointer running one round for 30 seconds, this also is the reason that this Hublot wrist watch is named for Chukker Bang, really is Hublot watch paying its respects to polo – this great sport.

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Swiss Watches: Tips on Choosing the Watch Strap

rolex yachtmaster swiss replica

Before talking about luxury replica watches, I’d like to say something else. Every time I see VILLERET series of Roman time scales I always feel that this is an old man through the vicissitudes to tell about its own story in a tone full of child interest. A lot of watch brands will use such illusion, such as Frank Muller super lovely digital timing, multicolored color is more like children’s bright smile. Maybe it also represents a state of mind, when we were children, though was childlike, eager to grow up, but really years later we are nostalgic for the plain childlike innocence.

Here let’s start with the watch strap. With the diversification of material, the rubber, leather belts, and metal are very common, all kinds of new material of the watch strap have become the new favorite of a watch brand for preemption eyeball. At the moment, I only on behalf of those people whose aesthetic is more conservative to say that my favorite is Jaquet Droz watch strap.

On buying luxury replica watches, comparing to the metal strap I prefer leather belt’s friendly feeling, as to how the crocodile leather strap is boarded the stage of history to be widely used by people, I also don’t know. Just on the alligator strap actually there contains a lot of unknown knowledge.

Usually the crocodile that we said is abdominal alligator leather, not many people understand the crocodiles back. Alligator skin in addition to the grid lines (some people called bamboo grain), and there is also circle lines. Round grain and checkered are at the different parts of a crocodile. Chequered is the lines between the middle abdomen area and tail, circle lines are crocodile underside. For the Cortex they are completely same, but the lines are different. Checkered, of course, has higher aesthetic value, so the price is much higher than circle lines. Therefore, then choosing the luxury replica watches, just make your choice according to your tastes and style.

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Rolex Watches: How to Buy the Suitable Rolex Watches

rolex day date replica watches
rolex day date replica watches

Rolex keeps a tight relations with leaders and successful men in the world, and only those who has strength or who really enjoy it, would love to pay for it. Although it seems to be high in price, but considering its quality and other excellent attributes, it worthies. And here we will introduce some of the best Rolex replica watches which is favorable and popular in the market. You will get the best one here!

Sea-Dweller 4000

Sea-Dweller 4000 in 204 will become hot in coming years because it successfully occupy some market that were used to be taken up by Submariner and Deep Sea. It is lighter than Deep Sea, 40 mm bezel is suitable for a majority of people. It reaches deeper than submariner. 1220 meters; depth can better explain its crown as a king of diver watches. what’s more, some consumer who do not like bubble nor calendar will fond of it. Anyway, a good diver watch.

A Brand-new Cellini

Here come the point. rolex replica breaks the tradition and has three different Cellini, I mean, completely different from inside to outside. The new Cellini extends its bezel to 39 mm, a standard size for men; the first watch that has three hands to replace the two hands. Classic enough! The movement can display daytime and nighttime, which is impossible to think about. The movement has switched from manual winding to automatic winding. It is a great change.

Replica Rolex Day-Date

For the Replica Rolex Day-Date 218238, it is a great watch among all the Replica Rolex Day Date watches. Similar to all the Oyster movements, the structure of 3156 movement guarantee a good performance. The balance components is the heart of the movement, and in collaboration with balance wheel, the oscillating frequency can be calibrated through the MICROOSTELLA.

Patek Philippe Watches: Pursuing the Perfect

patek phillippe replica watches
patek phillippe replica watches

Under the idea of “Pursue the perfect”, Patek Philippe guarantee the best quality of its watch since it takes a long time produce one. It costs at least five years from design a watch to produce it: four years developing and 9 months producing and three months assembly and quality control and tests. Only pass through the such severe process and tests will a Patek Philippe watch comes to the market. And 5159R is the one that took such a long time to produce, an exquisite watch. Belonging to the chronograph plus its brand effective and high quality, Patek Philippe 5159 R would surely be the top among other watches. Just likes its sibling 5159J, 5159R uses the same movement—Cal 316 SQR automatic movement. It can adjust automatically according to the days of moths and leap year situation. Such as powerful movement makes 5159R gracefully achieve complicated purposes.

Patek Phillpe has always been well-known for its exquisite techniques in complex chronograph during its 174 years’ history. One of the most excellent that can represent is Caliber 89 which, with 33 complex functions, became the most complicated mechanical chronograph and now still holds this record. Ref5001 Sky Moon Tourbillon is the most complicated watch in Patek Philippe’s watches and 12 functions are available on its 2 dials.  Now, as the descendant, the birth of Ref.6002 redefine the concept of super-complex function by creating such a case and dial which only are achieved with top technology and continuing innovation in this industry.

Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.6002 is processed with embossing techniques on its case with a 42.8 mm in diameter. In addition, it has minimum 38 hours of power reserve and maximum 48 hours. What means more to us is that it is a carving masterpiece. Its case is completely finished manually with a big piece of platinum as raw material. Calatrave crossing, arabesque and slight arc case is carved with precocious graver and any distraction will crash this case. So we can see there how much efforts Patek Philippe puts into the case.

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Breitling Watches: Reviews on the Breitling Chronomat GMT Blacksteel

replica luxury watches
replica luxury watches

Being one of the well-known watch brands in the world, the Breitling travel timing wrist watch is carrying the self-produced 04 movement which is authenticated by the Swiss government observatory (COSC), which is one of the very few timing wrist watches that can provide convenient and dual time zone display perfectly, and it brings conveniently unprecedented experience and perfect performance to the wearers: the Breitling replica watches can easily change time zones, and do not affect minutes walking time and precision timing, two-way rotating bezel circle combining with digital 24 hours calibration, and it still can read the time at the third time zone. Unique quintessence design gives the replica Breitling watches black steel limited edition remarkably outstanding group of heroic temperament to accompany you to explore the unknown and to conquer the world.

Replica Chronomat GMT Blacksteel

For the Replica Chronomat GMT Blacksteel, it features 04 watch movement and automatic winding with each hour 28800 higher frequency, 47 gem bearing, power reserve of more than 70 hours, and the watch dial provides 24 hours second time zone display, and the watch circle for the third time zone display, and the timing accuracy up to a quarter of the second, with the cumulative timer for 30 minutes and 12 hours and Date Display. And its watch case is black steel with the limit of only 1000, Waterproof performance of 500 meters (1650 feet / 50 atmospheric pressure), Screw-plug watch crown; Two-way ratchet type rotary watch circle; curved sapphire table mirror, double-sided anti-dazzle processing; Diameter of 47 mm. Black onyx color watch dial and the watch bracelet is Diver Pro III deep black rubber strap decorated with brand name.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Blancpain Bathyscaphe

replica swiss watches
replica swiss watches

Blancpain Bathyscaphe in addition to retaining the shape of the watch case and watch bezel, all the other elements have been changed, I think this is Blancpain’s clever place, we all know, the shape of the case and bezel is the soul of the whole watch, as long as grasping the most distinctive family blood characteristics, no matter how to change other details, it will make people feel that the watch is flowing the original blood, in addition, Blancpain not only retains the original shape, but also changes the size of the watch to the popular 43 mm, imagining that if it is intact engraved, in today’s trend that ladies are wearing with the watch in the diameter of 40 mm above, as a man you still are wearing with the watch in a diameter of only 30 mm, is it going to be very stingy?

It may be because Blancpain grasps the soul of this watch too accurately, so it leads to most people at first glance will not fancy it, because the submersible, after all, is derived from the military watch, the biggest feature of the military watch is only paying attention to the performance and does not care the appearance, so this watch will not make people shine but just make people think it is relatively old.

Only after careful taste you will find that Blancpain not only make the simple amplification on the size of the case, but also on the material has two options for stainless steel and titanium alloy, and the degree of fine grinding on the surface is not the standard of the original kind of military watches, but to achieve the satin brushed level that only top watches have. Especially the treatment of the watch ear, the transition of the three cutting surfaces on the most trailing edge was so ecstasy.

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Panerai Watches: Reviews on Panerai Luminor Marina series PAM 00111 watch

best replica watches
best replica watches

Featuring the “super-large surface”, Panerai in recent years can be said to be a very popular international watch brand. Tracing back the history of replica panerai, the founder Guido Panerai has been exaggerated in 1860, specializing in manufacturing, providing Italian navy precision instruments with precision compass-based; in the long-term production of the torpedo launcher dedicated automatic light-emitting mechanical calculator, aiming device, Depth gauge, compass or underwater detonation device timer and other precision instruments he accumulated experience, and Panerai in 1936 officially launched the first watch, this watch applied with Rolex movement, commissioned by the Italian Navy for manufacturing. In 1938, Panerai produced Radiomir Panerai watch which officially became the permanent special product of the Regia Marina, this watch on the Italian Navy and the world watch altar has far-reaching impact; because the Italian Navy worn this watch fought against the ally together with Germany, then, a waterproof military diving watch with distinctive waterproof performance, leading lock and clear and readable watch dial design was born. Today, Panerai watch unique position cannot be replaced by other watch brand, but also with the “large surface” leading the current trend of the watch, in the continuous innovation, Panerai also follows the traditional characteristics, it can be said that no one can out of its right.

There are so many classic and outstanding watches among the Panerai brand, here we are to take a simple review on one of the Panerai Luminor Marina watches in the follows:

Panerai Luminor Marina series PAM 00111 watch

Number: PAM 00111

Series: historical classics

Style: Manual Mechanical, 44mm, Men’s style

Material: Stainless steel

RMB: ¥ 44,500

Movement Model: Cal.OP XI

Basic movement: ETA 6497-2

Number of stones: 17

Power reserve: 56 hours

Watch mirror material: sapphire crystal glass

Strap material: leather belt

Back through: back through

Waterproof depth: 300 meters

Piaget Watches: Reviews on the ALTIPLANO G0A42052 Watch

best replica watches
best replica watches

For this ALTIPLANO G0A42052 Watch, its 40 mm 18K gold case has been dealt with the polished treatment to show a delicate texture, and it is matching with the gold three-dimensional time scales and the central pointers on the gradient green dial, which is very beautiful. On the 18K gold crown, it is engraved with the Piaget LOGO letter “P”, and the unique and simple brand logo gives the crown a Piaget-style charm. In addition, the crown is also used non-slip texture design, whose operation feeling is good and not slippery, to facilitate the wearer’s watch debugging, and also is very reliable. The gradient green design, makes the watch dial “wear” on a colorful and luxurious new dress, to show the elegant gesture on the wrist. In addition, the watch applies with two-pin design, there is no fast jumping second hand, so that the rhythm of the dial is “slow” down, and it is full of leisure time and full of flavor. The date display window is located at the position of the 3:00 o’clock position, adding charm for the beauty.

Under the 18k yellow gold watch case, the Piaget 1203P automatic winding movement is obviously beautiful. Through the sapphire crystal glass back case, the delicate pearl pendulum tudor and the Classic plywood structure is at panoramic view. The design of the movement sets the classic Piaget 1205P movement as blueprint to protect the watch accurate time. It is connecting a green crocodile leather strap, after a special treatment, the strap is attractive, and you will feel it soft and comfortable when wearing it. Strap connects a 18K gold pin buckle, to guarantee the watch safety on the wrist, so it is not easy to fall off, to be very reliable.

Combined with meticulous brand technology, this Piaget watch is full of modern urban fashion atmosphere and it exudes freshness everywhere, it is intoxicated for many watches fans. And no matter it is the appearance, or the mechanical performance, it performs excellently.

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